Source code for recipe_system.utils.md5

import hashlib
import os

[docs] def md5sum_size_fp(fobj): """ Generates the md5sum and size of the data returned by the file-like object fobj, returns a tuple containing the hex string md5 and the size in bytes. f must be open. It will not be closed. We will read from it until we encounter EOF. No seeks will be done, fobj will be left at eof """ # This is the block size by which we read chunks from the file, in bytes block = 1000000 # 1 MB hashobj = hashlib.md5() size = 0 while True: data = if not data: break size += len(data) hashobj.update(data) return hashobj.hexdigest(), size
[docs] def md5sum(filename): """ Generates the md5sum of the data in filename, returns the hex string. """ if not os.path.exists(filename): return None with open(filename, 'rb') as filep: (md5, size) = md5sum_size_fp(filep) return md5