1. Introduction

This document is the Programmer Manual for DRAGONS Recipe System. It presents detailed information and discussion about the programmatic interfaces on the system’s underlying classes, RecipeMapper and PrimitiveMapper. It describes usage of the Recipe System’s application programming interface (API).

Subsequent to this introduction, this document provides a high-level overview of the Recipe System (Chapter 2, Overview), which is then followed by an introduction to the mapper classes in Chapter 3, The Mappers. It then presents the interfaces on the mapper classes and how to use them to retrieve the appropriate recipes and primitives.

It also provides instruction on how to write recipes the Recipe System can recognise and use, how one can interactively run a recipe, step by step, perform discovery on the data processed, and pass adjusted parameters to the next step of a recipe.

Details and information about Astrodata and/or the data processing involved in data reduction are beyond the scope of this document and will only be engaged when directly pertinent to the operations of the Recipe System.

1.1. Reference Documents

1.3. Further Information

As this document details programmatic use of the mapper classes, readers who wish to read up on the Recipe System application, reduce, should instead consult the DRAGONS document, Recipe System Users Manual, which also describes usage of the Reduce class API from a user’s point of view rather than a programmer’s.

Users and developers wishing to see more information about the Astrodata package, how to use the programmatic interfaces on such objects should consult the documents listed above.