1. Full Command Line Example

Here we put together several of the tools to show how it can all work, from beginning to end.

  1. First create the lists. One for the darks, one for the flats, and one for the science target.

    $ dataselect ../raw/*.fits --tags DARK --expr='exposure_time==20' -o darks20s.lis
    $ dataselect ../raw/*.fits --tags FLAT -o flats.lis
    $ dataselect ../raw/*.fits --expr='object=="SN2014J"' -o target.lis
  2. Set the calibration manager and database. First, create or edit the ~/.dragons/dragonsrc to look like this:

    databases = <path_to>/redux_dir/dragons.db get store

    Then initialize the calibration database.

    $ caldb init
  3. Reduce the darks and add the master dark to the calibration database.

    $ reduce @darks20s.lis
  4. Reduce the flats and add the master flat to the calibration database.

    $ reduce @flats.lis
  5. Reduce the science target, with some input parameter override.

    $ reduce @target.lis -p skyCorrect:scale=False