1. Overview

This is a collection of tutorials for the reduction of NIRI data with DRAGONS.

NIRI is a near-infrared imager. The spectroscopic features of NIRI have been decommissioned several years ago. As such, this tutorial series focuses on the reduction of NIRI imaging data.

In here are tutorials that you, the reader, can run and experiment with. This document comes with a downloadable data package that contains all the data you need to run the examples presented. Instructions on where to get that package and how to set things up are given in Downloading the tutorial datasets.

The NIRI tutorial series for the time being contains only one scientific example, the reduction of an extended source. This can be done in two different ways:

  • From the terminal using the command line. (Example 1-A)
  • From Python using the DRAGONS classes and functions. (Example 1-B)

We plan to add additional examples in the future.