Change Logs


This release includes new support for GMOS longslit data. Reduction of GMOS longslit data is offered only quicklook mode. It does not produce science quality outputs, yet.

Bug Fixes

** gemnidr **

  • In imaging mode, the science recipes now include a call to scaleByExposureTime before the stacking step. It is now possible to stack frames with different exposure times.


  • Fix the GCALLAMP tag for NIR data to include the QH lamp.


  • Remove incorrect logging in separateSky when object and/or sky files are specified.
  • Improve algorithm for separating on-source and on-sky frames.
  • Avoid upsampling OBJMASK from uint8 to uint16
  • In near-IR imaging mode, frames that fail to be sky subtracted are removed from the main reduction stream to avoid contamination. The reduction continues with the “good” frames. If all frames fail the sky subtraction, then all frames will be passed to the next step of the reduction.


  • Fix to the calculation of the CC-band used in nighttime sky quality assessment.
  • Fix to the calculation of the BG-band used in nighttime sky quality assessment.


  • Ensure NIRI skyflats satisfy calibration association requirements


  • Fix a Python 3 compatibility issue.

New Features

geminidr * Quicklook (--ql mode) reduction support for GMOS longslit data.


  • Add remove_first parameter to removeFirstFrame primitive.
  • Add match_radius parameter to adjustWCSToReference primitive.
  • Add an IRAF compatibility primitive and recipe for Flamingos 2.

astrodata and recipe_system

  • Provenance history stored with the data in tables named: PROVENANCE and PROVHISTORY.

Interface Modifications


  • biasCorrect, darkCorrect, flatCorrect. The do_bias, do_dark, and do_flat input parameters have been replaced with do_cal with more options than True or False. Use showpars to inspect the options.


  • Python 2 support has been dropped. Starting with v3.0.0, DRAGONS requires Python 3. All tests were run on Python 3.7, and this version of Python now serves as the minimal required version.
  • Improved the F2 processed products backward compatibility with Gemini IRAF.


  • Fix various links in the documentation.
  • Add examples and cross-reference to disco-stu usage documentation.
  • New tutorial for the quicklook reduction of GMOS longslit data.


Bug Fixes


  • Fix a crash when a section was used when stacking.

gempy scripts

  • Add missing third party adpkg and drpkg support to utility scripts dataselect, showpars, typewalk, and showrecipes.


  • Fix to Jacobian calculation for non-affine transforms


  • Make adcc more robust to missing connection to fitsstore.



  • Add compatibility with sigma_clip for astropy v3.1+
  • Add IRAF compatibility keywords on GMOS mosaiced data.
  • Add compatibility with astroquery 0.4.


  • Add compatibility with sigma_clip fro astropy v3.1+


  • Add IRAF compatibility recipe.


  • Various fixes to documentation and instruction manual following feedback from users.